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Wild Sauna

Born from a love of the outdoors, Revive Wild Sauna provides a place to sit back and slow down. An authentic wooden sauna, Revive is based in Weymouth. Accommodating up to 8 people with a panoramic glass window to soak in the coastal views and a wood fired heater to manage the temperatures.

Choose to enjoy the sauna with sole use for your own private group or share the experience with like minded strangers in a communal session. Our location has access to the sea for an invigorating dip, or we have cold water buckets available should you prefer. We also offer fully guided experiences introducing sauna culture and exposure to cold water.

Evidence suggests that regular sauna use can aid us both physically and mentally. Studies have indicated that whilst physical performance and recovery can be encouraged there are also benefits associated with management of sleep, anxiety and mental health.







The place where fire meets ice

Relax and revive, mind, body and soul in our mobile sauna. Reap the mental and physical benefits of exposure to the elements. Bask in the nurturing warmth of the sauna and then re-energise with a dip in the sea or a splash with our cold water buckets.

"The outdoors is where we belong. Exposure to the elements is fundamental to our wellbeing and survival as a species. We must do everything in our power to maintain our connection with the natural environment."

The adventure starts now

Revive Wild Sauna operates at a beautiful location at Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth.


Share the sauna with like minded strangers (6 people max).

1.0hr £12pp


Book the sauna exclusively to enjoy as a group of up to 8 people.

1.0hr £72

Bespoke Private

If you cannot make a scheduled session, you can book a bespoke sauna to enjoy at a time to suit you.

1.5hr £108

Communal Guided Sauna + Sea Dip

Join us in a guided cold water swimming and sauna experience. Led by a sea safety guide you will alternate between cold water sea dips and the sauna to experience the physical and mental benefits. (Max 6 people). Available November to March.

1.0hr £18pp

Private Guided Sauna + Sea Dip

Focusing on moving between the hot sauna and cold sea, be guided through the hot sauna cold plunge experience to experience the physical and mental benefits. (Max 6 people). Available November to March on request.

1.5hrs £150

Mobile Hire

Bring the experience to your doorstep. We can support events of all types including parties and corporate entertainment.


Gift Vouchers

Give someone the gift of fire and ice with a voucher for a sauna experience. Available to purchase through the book now button.

£12 / £24 / £72